Mark your Calendars, set the clock, and come join us in the month of March and April 2020 we are preparing for the season of Lent

Lent  for 2019 was a wilderness journey that included moments of reflection as a congregation on Ash Wednesday, Palm Sunday, Good Friday, Sunrise and Easter Service.   Throughout our walk we centered on the topic of returning With all our hearts.  Thanfully, we will continue to face each morning with the Good News of Easter Morning. Not just once, but each Sunday morning.  So let us recall the rolled back the stone that revealed the empty tomb. A empty tomb that reminds us of New Life when we believe with our hearts and share with others Jesus's Resurrection story. 

Let us Always be Easter People.    


Remember to join us each Sunday beginning this Sunday, then stay Easter 2020 as we then begin our journey to Easter.

Good Friday  Service  7 pm       Sunrise Easter Service 6:30 am at the Cambridge Park Duck Pond       Easter Service 10:30 a.m. at the Sanctuary